Donald A. Dinero, PE, CPIM has more than forty years of experience designing and implementing manufacturing methods and processes and is the principal of The TWI Learning Partnership. He has addressed problems in all aspects of operations including but not limited to change management, personnel, labor unions, production systems, and production control. His BS degree in Mechanical Engineering is from the University of Rochester and his MBA and MS (Career and Human Resource Development) degrees are from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He received his Professional Engineering license (NYS) in 1983 and his Certification in Production and Inventory Control from APICS in 1986. 






What The TWI Learning Partnership Does

In 2002, Mr. Dinero learned about TWI (Training Within Industry) and its reemergence that was beginning in the U.S. He became certified as a TWI trainer in the three "J" courses and began to study all the material he could find on the subject. His studies and talks on TWI culminated in the book"Training Within Industry: The Foundation of Lean", published by Productivity Press.

As he continued implementing Lean concepts, he began to realize that the Lean movement is hindered by its omission of TWI training. TWI offers fundamental skills training which helps to stabilize an organization, preparing it to seriously begin its Lean journey. In order to assist in stabilizing organizations and thus assist in the acceptance of Lean, Mr. Dinero is concentrating his efforts on spreading the word of TWI. He delivers training in all three of the ‘J’ programs as well as Program Development. In keeping with the “multiplier effect” cited by the Training Within Industry Service, Mr. Dinero also offers Train The Trainer sessions for the three ‘J’ programs. This allows an organization’s employees to independently deliver the training.