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-Training Within Industry-

- Training for the 21st Century-

Where Coaching Is Part Of The Training

The TWI Programs teach fundamental skills that help people at all levels of any organization solve problems.

Learn how to deliver the TWI Programs correctly the first time because there is no need for an expensive, time consuming "refresher course" for trainers.

(The TWI Learning Partnership formerly was Round Pond Consulting Services)


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New Announcements

This is the third book written by Don Dinero.
Training Within Industry - The Foundation of Lean covers the overall history, concepts and content of the TWI Programs.

TWI Case Studies - Standard Work, Continuous Improvement and Teamwork includes various case studies of companies which used the TWI Programs.

This book covers all three TWI J Programs and describes how to prepare for, sell, implement and sustain Job Instruction Training, Job Methods Training and Job Relations Training. It answers and addresses the most common questions most users have. Published by CRC Press, it will be available this fall.

Folding a Zine using a Job Breakdown Sheet

This video shows you how to fold an 8-page zine using Step 2 of the Job Instruction Training Method. A shorter version can be found here.

Check out a new article that describes how the TWI Programs span the functional divide between the “soft skills” of human behavior and the “hard skills” of Lean and Six Sigma.


Thought for the day:

“If I have an apple and you have an apple and we exchange apples, we both still have only one apple.  But if I have an idea and you have an idea and we exchange ideas, we now both have two ideas.”

Attributed to George Bernard Shaw




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A note from Jed Campbell, Quality Manager at US Synthetic, Co.:

We won the Shingo Prize, at the highest level awarded. I'd like to thank you for your help with that. Training is much better now at USS, and largely because of you.



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Read Don's new book about how the TWI Programs are used at some of the world's top companies, including:


         Herman Miller

         Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream

         Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

         US Synthetic

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Do you use on the job training?

  • How well does it work?
  • What does it cost -
  •      In time?
  •      In downtime?
  •      In customer satisfaction?
  •      In loss of personnel?
  •      In employee morale?
  • How many errors casuing scrap and rework occur after the OJT?
  • Has anyone ever quit because they thought they couldn't learn the job?
  • Have you ever moved someone because they couldn't learn the job?
  • How long does it take someone to be self-sufficient?

There is a better way!

Read about the Training Within Industry Programs.


Training Within Industry

The TWI Learning Partnership specializes in

TWI Training in

Job Instruction, Job Methods, and Job Relations;

we help companies to create a foundation for

Lean Thinking by training its employees to:

  • Transfer knowledge both formally through instruction and informally through a willing exchange of information
  • Create standard work so there is a basis from which improvements can be made continually
  • Improve job methods by teaching employees to see waste
  • Improve personnel relationships so personnel problems do not hinder the gains made, making it easier to make and sustain those gains


TWI is

  • Proven throughout 70 years
  • Used by organizations around the world
  • Continuously used by major companies (i.e. Toyota, IBM, Herman Miller, etc.))
  • Used by and applicable to all organizations and all functions in those organizations


Training Within Industry by

The TWI Learning Partnership

specializing solely in delivering the TWI Programs.

Recommendation from LinkedIn:

"Don brings a wealth of excellent knowledge to bear on a topic that is obviously a passion for him. This passion and expertise helped immensely in coaching the first Job Instruction trainers at [our company], and we've been able to build a strong foundation for both standardized work and continuous improvement because of the complete solution he provided for us."
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


Which of these objectives do you want to achieve in your organization?

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced costs
  • Less employee turnover
  • Improved morale
  • Improved communication
  • Improved teamwork
  • Improved relationships among all employees
  • A uniform method of handling employees problems
  • Fewer accidents or safety incidents
  • Continual improvement with everyone contributing – continual reduction of waste
  • Standard work – everyone performing a job the one best way
  • Knowledge transfer from experienced employees to new hires
  • New hires productive in days or hours instead of weeks or months
  • Reduced scrap and rework

The TWI Programs can help you do that and more!





TWI is a set of learning disciplines that enable people doing work to effectively create, improve, train and sustain standard work themselves.
TWI helps companies by training select employees to successfully deliver the three “J” programs so that the above training can be delivered to all employees, thus creating a foundation for a Lean and a Learning Organization.

Confidence and resourcefulness in how to proceed, not standardized solutions and rules, are developed.

- The Training Within Industry Report, 1940-1945, page 49.


Do you have a question

about TWI?

Check out TWI Summary or TWI Directory or

Go to this site for a

Book Review



"Training Within Industry: the Foundation of Lean", Published by Productivity Press, May 2005

A 2006 Recipient of the
Shingo Research Prize

TWI stands for Training Within Industry and was a service created by the U.S.A. War Department just prior to World War II. Because it was known that a world war was inevitable and the productivity in the U.S.A. was ranked ninth or tenth in the world, this service was created to quickly increase productivity across the country in all industries and all companies. Although it was extremely successful, it was discontinued after the war. It was used in Japan to help that country rebuild its industry with democratic concepts. Again, it was extremely successful and was key in the formation of the Toyota Production System, which is being emulated as Lean Manufacturing. TWI/ Job Methods Training is credited with being the origin of the concept of Kaizen. The Japanese still use TWI. Indeed, some Japanese companies are now extending TWI training to their tier 1 & tier 2 suppliers.

TWI Consists of Four Programs:

To learn more about the three "J" programs, click here for a TWI Summary.

TWI - The Missing Link in Lean Manufacturing: The paper that led to the book presented at IIE Lean Solution Conference.

TWI changed the cultures of Japanese companies so that they became more productive and it can do the same for your company.

For more information about how TWI Training can give you payback, go to TWI - Metrics or contact Donald A. Dinero at dadinero@TWILearningPartnership.com or @ (585) 305-6820.

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