Who Should Receive Job Instruction Training?

           I believe ALL employees should go through the 5-day TWI JI training for several reasons. 

           First, sooner or later, everyone will have to train someone else or at a minimum, show someone how to do something.  JIT is really just a way to get people to effectively transfer their knowledge to others and that is a skill at which everyone should be proficient.

           Second, I consider JIT to be fundamental skills training, positioned just above what used to be called the "3 R's" - reading, writing and arithmetic.  These are skills at which everyone should be proficient because they probably use them every day.  Just as the "3 R's" are embedded in your culture so deeply that you don't even notice them, JIT should be embedded so that it is not noticed.  In order for this to happen, everyone must understand it, must accept it, and must use it.  Once the employees change the way they think by using JIT, they will change their behaviors.  Once they change their behaviors, they will change the organization's culture.  The organization's culture is defined as the way the organization does things.  Their understanding and acceptance can only come about if they receive the training.  Most people don't really accept JIT until the 2nd or 3rd day of training.  Having everyone accept JIT is very important because we want them to use it whenever it's required and the training leads to greater acceptance of it.  Job Instruction Training (JIT) teaches something that most people believe they do fairly well already.  If they train someone to do something and the person doesn't 'get it' right away, it's usually considered the fault of the learner.  When employees attempt to use JIT throughout their organization, the usual reaction of people who haven't received JIT is that neither the procedure nor the JBS are necessary.  I believe one has to experience the training in order to really appreciate and accept it.

           Third, although the JIT teaches someone how to deliver instruction, it also teaches them how to receive it.  This makes for faster training and better understanding of jobs.

           Finally, the reason I offer a Train the Trainer session is so any organization can proceed with TWI on its own.  That, actually, was the original intent.   It is not meant to be a one time training session or something that an organization does until something better comes along.  We continue teaching people the 3 R's and we should continue teaching JIT. If the 3 R's are not taught adequately in our school systems, then organizations often set up remedial training programs so their employees can be proficient in those basic skills.   TWI is not taught in schools, so it must be taught by organizations.

Don Dinero

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